About Us

The Partnership of the Manitoba Capital Region has been meeting together since 1999 to: work together to develop a competitive, economically strong Capital Region;build strong civic leadership in the Capital Region and strengthen working relationships;create awareness of Capital Region issues and concerns; and resolve issues.

The Partnership of the Manitoba Capital Region is committed to a relationship of cooperation founded in communication, mutual understanding, trust and respect. We believe that through collaboration, the Capital Region as a whole can be greater than the sum of its parts, and a model of regional cooperation and planning.

Our Partnership provides the opportunity for Capital Region municipalities to discuss and work on issues that cross their respective boundaries. It supports a flexible approach that recognizes that different issues may involve different stakeholders and different regional processes.

The Partnership of the Manitoba Capital Region is supportive of the many regional and inter-municipal initiatives that currently exist in the Manitoba Capital Region. It recognizes and supports the autonomy of local government to develop and implement inter-municipal agreements. The organization also recognizes local government autonomy to deal with other governments and stakeholders directly.


The following is the Vision Statement for the Partnership of the Manitoba Capital Region:

"A safe, healthy, efficient, prosperous and strong Capital Region with a strong Capital City, where the public, governments, and organizations work together cooperatively, enhancing community development opportunities, effectively managing resources, and providing all citizens with a high quality of life."


Co Chair - City of Winnipeg - Councillor Janice Lukes
Co Chair - RM of Rosser - Reeve Frances Smee
RM of Macdonald - Reeve Bradley Erb
RM of East St. Paul - Mayor Shelley Hart
RM of West St. Paul - Mayor Bruce Henley
RM of Ritchot - Mayor Chris Ewen
RM of St. Clements - Mayor Debbie Fiebelkorn
RM of St. Andrews - Mayor George Pike
RM of Rockwood - Reeve Jim Campbell
RM of Tache - Mayor Robert Rivard
City of Selkirk - Mayor Larry Johannson
RM of Headingley - Mayor John Mauseth
Town of Stonewall - Mayor Lockie McLean
RM of Cartier - Reeve Dale Fossay
RM of St. Francois Xavier - Reeve Dwayne Clark
RM of Springfield - Reeve Bob Bodnaruk
Town of Niverville - Mayor Myron Dyck
Town Of Dunnottar - Mayor Rick Gamble